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ToggleSwitch ToolTip incorrect


Not sure if this was just left out in the default theming, but when applying a ToolTip to the ToggleSwitch, it is significantly different than the default ToolTip on other items. Example in attachment.

  • The tooltip you see working correctly (right) is a custom, inherited version of a CommandButton
    • However, it seems to be set correctly, as it is consistent with the ToolTips of default controls (text boxes, buttons, sliders, etc.)
  • I am using ModernUI in parallel. I don't think this is the issue however, since other Elysium controls are set correctly
I am open to workarounds, but the only one that comes to mind is to define a custom ToolTip per metro ToggleSwitch, or my own style (the former very inconvenient and inefficient, the latter time consuming and should be unnecessary. Would prefer the former over the latter, however I do not know the default ToolTip settings that the Elysium theme applies (e.g. Foreground).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Using Elysium 2.0 SP4

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